Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee

Hello! I am back after a month of hiatus :)  and I want to tell you about my accidental discovery.

I know many of you have heard the wonders of Slimming Coffee. But, is it really safe?

After giving birth, I gained so much weight and since then I’ve been trying to lose weight. I tried various ways to lose weight like crash dieting, going to the gym, and jogging. I also tried searching for best diet pills that work like reductil. But, it all failed. : ( When I did the crash diet, I deprived myself of eating rice, which resulted in weight loss, but gained the weight again because I tend to eat more afterwards. In taking Reductil, which was recommended by my OB-GYNE for me to help me in losing weight, I also lost weigh in just 2 weeks of taking it, but stopped when I experienced shortness of breath and chest pain. Then, I gained back the weight again. I also tried to go back to the gym and jog, which was really the best way to lose weight, but stopped after some time due to lack of time.

Then, the Slimming Coffee came. I learned about it from my cousin and told me that it was effective. So, I researched about the Slimming Coffee and have read the promising results it gives to those who tried them. I learned that its effect is the same with Reductil. So, I thought that it might have the same component with Reductil and it was okay to take because it was recommend by my OB-GYNE. I also didn’t find any negative reviews about it. So, being too desperate in losing weight the easier way, I bought a box of the Slimming Coffee. I have tried it myself for 6 days and noticed that it is effective because I have lost 5 lbs in just 5 days and consuming 6 sachets. Some, including my husband and my OB-GYNE, noticed it too.

On my 6th day of taking this coffee, I decided to quit right away because I accidentally discovered something.

I was in the office that time, having a cup of coffee and pandesal for breakfast. After that, I went to the wash room to brush my teeth and wash the cup with leftover coffee (I think about a tablespoon). I put about 3 drops of “liquefied detergent powder” directly onto the cup before washing it. When I was about to wash the cup, I noticed the color of the leftover coffee – it turned Fuchsia pink. I was surprised and felt worried because I knew that the coffee has a component that made it change its color. With a strong background in Chemistry, I thought of the “pH indicator”. I can’t remember that time the particular chemical being used for testing the acidity or basicity of a particular solution. So, I researched about it and found out that it was Phenolphthalein.

Phenolphthalein has been used for over a century as a laxative, but is now being removed from over-the-counter laxatives because of concerns over carcinogenicity. – Source: Wikipedia.

Phenolphthalein  is a chemical compound commonly pronounced. It is often written as “HIn” or “phph” in shorthand notation. Often used in titrations, it turns colorless in acidic solutions and pink in basic solutions. If the concentration of indicator is particularly strong, it can appear purple. In strongly basic solutions, phenolphthalein’s pink color undergoes a rather slow fading reaction and becomes colorless again.” – Source:

I researched the relationship between Phenolphthalein and coffee and I read these:

A new warning from Health Canada regards an illegal weight loss product called The Slimming Coffee, which has been subjected to clinical testing and found to contain the powerful prescription appetite suppressant sibutramine. This product which has also been sold as Lose Weight Coffee should be avoided because it could cause “serious health risks”. The product which has been advertised as a perfectly natural coffee drink is extremely dangerous because sibutramine while it is an effective appetite suppressant should not be used by certain people because it can cause high blood pressure. The weight loss medication Reductil which contains sibutramine is safe and effective when used by the right people. – Source: UKMEDIX

The Ukmedix Newsroom has received a warning regarding the sale of counterfeit and dangerous slimming pills involving a product called Marsha Slim Plus.  The product that comes in a variety of forms including 60 capsule bottles and 30 teabags was sent to independent laboratories by the Department of Health in HongKong  and found to contain an analogue compound of the active ingredient of the legal slimming drug Reductil.

The prescription medication Reductil contains sibutramine which has been subjected to years of clinical testing but sibutramine analogues while similar have not been properly tested. Not only this but there was no warning on the packaging that the product Marsha Slim Plus contained any powerful weight loss medications. Along with the sibutramine another chemical called phenolphthalein was also found. Phenolphthalein which is a laxative has been banned by most countries around the world because it has shown to cause cancer. The fact that phenolphthalein causes cancer is well known and yet the criminals who produce this weight loss medication don’t seem to care and value making money fraudulently well above any concern for your health. – Source: UKMEDIX

At first, I thought that regular coffees might also contain this substance. Since I mix the Slimming Coffee with a regular 3-in-1 coffee to make it taste better, I tried to put a few drops of the “liquefied detergent powder” in the cup and did not notice any changes. So, I concluded that the Slimming Coffee has a component that might be dangerous.

So, I decided to perform a test on this coffee. I made two different tests. One was dissolving pure Slimming Coffee in a cup of hot water, and the other one was mixing the Slimming Coffee with a 3-in-1 coffee and dissolve it in about 1 ½ cup of water, which I usually do when I drink the Slimming Coffee. I have dissolved about a tablespoon of detergent powder in a cup of water and set aside. I have also used a few drops of dishwashing liquid for further tests.

the box of the SLIMMING COFFEE


Here are the results I got:

the plain slimming coffee

a change in color (“purple-ish”) after mixing about a tablespoon of detergent, which I think indicates that the coffee has Phenolphthalein.

another change in color (“purple-ish”) after mixing a tablespoon of detergent in the mixture of slimming coffee and 3-in-1 coffee.

For comparison, check the photo below:

do you see the difference?

In addition, I also performed a test using a few drops of dishwashing liquid. However, I didn’t notice any change in color.

I showed it to my husband and told me that the manufacturer is brilliant. It was a brilliant idea because the manufacturer knew that the consumers won’t discover this change in color in their product when washing it using dishwashing liquid. In the Philippines, prior to the introduction of dishwashing liquids, people are using detergent bars or powders in dishwashing. Now, dishwashing liquids have been used widely in all households and detergent bars and powders are only used in laundry.

Dishwashing liquids and detergents have different components, which resulted in two different reactions when mixed with the coffee.  The slimming coffee did reacted with the detergent maybe because of the ingredients of the detergent, which I think needs further laboratory tests.

These tests that I performed were due to my “accidental” discovery. You can try it yourself if you want.

This is an eye-opener to those drinking this Coffee. I know it is very effective in helping you to lose weight because I have tried it myself. But, I tell you IT IS NOT SAFE!!!

You know what? I am scared of what might happen to me years after taking this coffee. I am now researching on how to flush away these components on my body.  I have decided to lose weight the proper and healthy way.  I am now taking vitamins to further boost my immune system. I love my life and I need to take good care of it for me to be able to live long for my family.  It’s time to make a change. It is not yet too late.

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  1. That is soo scary..! I’ve been taking this coffee for 2 months now and I’m sooo dead scared of what’s gonna happen to me.

  2. Bang

    Hi Bookie! It did scare me too. That’s why I have to stop drinking this coffee.

  3. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

    Slimming coffee is a weight loss product scam! Don’t be fooled

  4. oh my god. this is JUST GROSS. ive been consuming that coffee for months now. i want to under go a major cleansing now. oh my. thank you.!
    have you test it on other slimming coffee brands?
    and what detergent did you use?

  5. gretchen

    actually this coffee really works.
    pero grabe ang effect niya. :(
    nakakalungkot lang na ang lakas niya sa market ngayon. :(
    too bad maraming girls pa rin ang nagpapadala sa fad iet na ito. dadatin din ang panahon na babalik yung weight na nawala sa kanila. i know.

  6. Bang

    @ khristine,

    I used, Pride detergent powder. But, you can use any detergent powder then dilute in in a small amount of water.

    I haven’t tried the other brands kasi ayaw ko na magsayang pa ng pera para sa mga yan.

  7. A Grateful Reader

    Hi Bang,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been using this coffee for about 1 week now; good thing I saw your site when I was reading up on female network about this coffee. To be honest, I didn’t want to believe you because I want to lose weight so badly to prepare for my wedding. So I googled phenolpthalein and read the articles especially the abstract of the article for American Association for Cancer Research and what I read really scared me:

    “It is more likely that the multiple biological properties of phenolphthalein, including its ability to form free radicals, its clastogenic activity, and its estrogenic activity, contributed to the carcinogenic effects observed. These studies show that phenolphthalein is a multisite/multispecies carcinogen. One of the sites for neoplasm that is of particular concern is the ovary, and epidemiology studies are under way to identify any potential effects of phenolphthalein exposure at this site in humans.

    To think, I might have reached my ideal weight for the wedding, but at what cost? Have no children? The thought absolutely scares me. Again thank you so much for enlightening me, and I hope others who are drinking this and are planning to drink this or other slimming coffees might be enlightened also.

    Thank you.

  8. A Grateful Reader

    By the way, I did also try the test. I prepared one sachet of the slimming coffee on a white bowl with a cup of hot water, then prepared about 2 tablespoons of Surf detergent powder with a 1/2 cup water. I poured a tablespoon of detergent solution first and immediately saw the change in color, clear as day. I poured another tablespoon and another, and you’ll see a dark color settle at the bottom of the bowl. I had to pour the whole detergent solution before the coffee would even become saturated and stop changing color. Does that mean that the concentration of phenolphthalein in the coffee is that strong? The end result actually looked a lot like blood, totally different from the light brown coffee that I had been drinking the past week.

    I slowly poured out the liquid and saw a purplish fuschia color stained on the white bowl.

    Bang, please update us if your research has shown you a way to flush these out. Again, thank you so much.

  9. pat

    thanks for this, sis.

    if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. obviously, dangerous naman talaga tong coffee na to. baka nga coffee lang to na may halong content ng slimming pills eh.

    i may have a problem though. i am completely aware of the dangers, and yet i still bought two boxes of this. nakaka-3 sachets na ako. labag sa kalooban kong uminom, pero parang i’m obsessed na with losing weight even if i’m 108 lbs lang. i’m screwed. i hope i’d get over this na :|

    is there any way we can flush out this component our of our bodies?

  10. pat

    nga pala, i’ve been experiencing dryness ng throat although expected ko na yun.

    what scares me is yung goosebumps na bigla bigla na lang lumalabas tas nag-i-stay. pati friend ko nagulat kasi kahapon habang kasama ko sya, nakita nya balahibo ko sa arms nagsitayuan bigla (although i kind of felt that coming)

    i’m worried, ano kaya ang iniindicate nung goosebumps/pananayo ng balahibo?

    i have to get over my obsession with getting stick thin, baka ikamatay ko pa to :((

    sisses, stop taking these slimming coffee na. you never know kung kelan magmamanifest ang effects. it’s gonna be hard, giving up this fast and easy way to a slimmer body though.

  11. leslyn

    thanks at nakita ko ito your an angel..!

  12. cams

    omg!!! pang first box ko, di ko pa naman ubos… i will surely buy wheat grass to flush all carcinogens hayyyy, i’ll start a new healthy diet na. so scarrrrry!

  13. hi sis. i am using this. i lost 8kgs in 1 month pero i want to stop na kasi nahihilo ako lagi. naamoy ko pa lang sya na susuka na ako.

    thanks for sharing. now i have more reason to stop.

  14. Jen

    ate bang have you tried testing this with the authentic fashion nature slimming coffee? based on the photos posted kasi fake po yung nabili niyo.

  15. sherrlyn

    nkakatakot pla tlaga yn.kaya pla nka2dlawang sachet plang me npnigil n ko d kz me nka2tulog.thank nga pla s nagpublished

  16. Gelai

    hindi ko pa natry tong product na to but marami akong kakilala na umiinom nito.

    your obgyne recommended this? anong name ng obgyne mo and saan hospital yan?

  17. Bang

    Thank you for taking time to read my post. I haven’t done any research yet on how to flush those toxins kasi medyo busy sa work these past days. What I am doing now is eating right.

    I also read somewhere that wheat grass is okay, pero pricey sya.

    My OB-GYNE recommended me to take REDUCTIL not the slimming coffee. :)

    @ jen, you can try the test using the ‘authentic coffee’ you know. I really don’t know how can we identify the authenticity of the slimming coffees being sold in market, kasi sobrang dami na naglabasan, and there are various brands pa. I purchased it from a multiply seller and FemaleNetwork member who claims that she sells authentic slimming coffee. But, I have nothing against her. I think she is also a victim here.

  18. Jen

    You said that you have a strong background in chemistry. what’s your course in college?

    What was the basis that made you say that Phenolphthalein was present in the coffee? It was your assumption that it was Phenolphthalein right? Or can you back it up with laboratory tests and share it with us.

  19. Bang

    Hi Jen!

    You are right that it was just my assumption that there was phenolphthalein in the coffee.

    “a change in color (“purple-ish”) after mixing about a tablespoon of detergent, which I THINK indicates that the coffee has Phenolphthalein.”

    It was the first thing that came up to my mind because it is one of the most common acid-base indicators being found and used in the laboratory.

    Jen, I have nothing to prove to all of you about this issue. It is very clear in my post that it was an ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY. I just want to document it and share with other people who also drinks this coffee. It is their choice if they still want to continue drinking the coffee.

    BTW, I am a ChE graduate.

    God bless!

  20. Alchem

    Happy anniversary to all Alchemistrian! Viva Mapua!

  21. gretchen

    great answers author sa mga doubt.
    nice.nice. :)

  22. iamice13

    hi there! is Phenolphthalein the only chemical that turns into pink when reacted to detergents? also according to your post Phenolphthalein is a laxative, basing from what ive read slimming coffees have no diarrheic effect.. but i must say though it is really too good to be true, imagine loosing several pounds in weeks time..

    just my two cents.. please answer my queries.. TIA

  23. Cey

    I think the coffee you bought is fake. It doesn’t have authenticity seal in it. It only has the gold sticker. My mom is drinking this and the coffee we bought has always two authenticity details on it, has embossed lettering of the name and 5 years shelf life printed under the box. Don’t judge the product you got alone, maybe you bought the wrong one so don’t over generalize. =)

  24. vine

    good evening…

    pa comment lang po ha…

    sabi nyo po kasi may laxative sya? eh di naman po nakakatae ung fashion slimming coffee.

    tinignan ko po mabuti ung picture ng slimming coffee nyo “fake” po ung nabili nyo… kasi dapat makakapa mo ung name nya.. nakalutang ba.

    ang effect nga nya nakakapawis mabuti kaya nga maraming tubig ang naiinom ko at nakakatulong dahil gumanda ang skin ko..

    been using this for 4 months and wala naman akong naramdamang ibang effect aside sa pagpapawis na talagang mainam lalo na kung nasa sports…

    in my own opinion po sana magkaroon muna kayo ng testing sa ibang product di ung isang product lang ang itetest nyo… at siguraduhin nyo pong AUTHENTIC ang producto nabili nyo… kaya nga po from time to time may new packaging kasi daming nangagagaya sa product na yan dahil effective sya…

    sabi nga sa box pag mabilis ang pagbawas ng timbang dapat i lessen na ang pag inom… kaya kung ako po sa inyo wag samantalahin ang pagpapayat kailangan din maging balance ang diet…

  25. domon

    gandang hapon..

    been using this coffee a month ago. wala naman ako naramdaman na kakaiba? kaka order ko nga lang ulit nun isang araw kase ngayon lang ulit ako nagkaron budget.

    nde kaya naninira lang tong may ari ng blog? or sobra bitter lang kase baka nde sya pumayat lol.

    ingat sa pag bili ng fake na mga slimming coffee.. baka mapagawa kayo blog tungkol dito at sa pag iba ng kulay nito pag hinaluan ng SABON! hehe

  26. Watsons

    Hi there Bang! It seems like you don’t have that enough RESEARCH SKILLS. =)Phenolphthalein DOESN’T DISSOLVE IN WATER. =) It dissolves in alcohol alone…

    Phenolphthalein is insoluble in water and is usually dissolved in alcohols for use in experiments. – Wikipedia

    EXPERIMENTING takes right materials, right time and right procedures. LOL! Hindi yung hinahalo mo sa sabon. Kasi kahit anong inumin ang haluan mo ng sabon, eh mamatay ka talaga! Hahaha! Yung juice mo mamaya, lagyan mo ng sabon. =))


  27. Misha

    Thanks for confirming that it was your assumption.

    I therefore conclude that every drink when mixed with detergent soap could kill you. :)

    You know what bang, you just lost your credibility. I’ve also tried this experiment with other well known coffee brand and guess what some of them changed its color. I also tried it with juices and milks. Thanks for wasting my money for trying this dumb experiment.

    This is the world wide web. You can always dream and make us believe that you really are a chemical engineer. Everyone can pretend and dream.. so feel free to do so!

  28. gretchen

    THIS IS UNHEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!
    KAHIT anong sabihin niyo
    can you please stop sa pag tatanggol sa business niyo, este sa coffee. LOL

    anyways. bahala na kayo , risk niyo na lang uminom. . :D hahaha.

    please be healthy.

  29. AMD

    Hi Bang,

    It was good to hear, you still got the interest with Chemistry with your observation skills…hehehe

    Nice blog.

  30. domon


    nice one ang galing mo. ikaw lang po ang healthy hehe.

    kung ayaw mo uminom ng slimming coffee wala naman napilit sa iyo. dadamay nyo pa ibang tao na nagka resulta na maganda sa pag inum ng kape.

    nga pala killer coffee daw eh. may namatay na ba? LOL

  31. Bangbus

    this is a lesson to all women who desperately want to trim down but are too lazy or too busy to work out. there is no any other safer way to do this but to sweat it out and not take some poison. a lot of these have been discovered already but we always want to cut corners in losing weight.. and it’s not just a girl thing.

  32. try aloe vera gel for internal cleansing. :) but be careful also. make sure it came from the specie aloe barbadensis miller

  33. imee

    sa mga may bad comment jan for bang…bakit kailangn pa bang may mamatay? if you’re not interested with bang’s blog bakit pa kayo nagcocomment…inggit lang kayo…kasi sya chem engineering grad…eh kayo?

  34. Hi bang,

    you just shared what you noticed, and thanks for alerting everyone. aminin nila o hindi, kundi dahil sayo hindi sila mageextensive research for this one. (for sure everyone has a doubt na to take this or not) hehe

    ..very interesting thread

  35. iamice13

    from a simple chemistry project:

    “When the detergent (an alkaline) and phenolphthalein are mixed together, the phenolphthalein indicator changes color because it is in the presence of hydroxide ions, a base, from the sodium carbonate.
    Detergent = Sodium carbonate = Na2CO3 + H2O —> Hydroxide ions, OH-1

    The pink color disappears if vinegar is added to neutralized the effect of the base. The phenolphthalein is colorless in the presence of acid.”

  36. silver_moon

    great blog bang! =) thanks for the warning. I just bought three boxes of Leizure 18. hehe! Guess I have to dispose it then. whew! muntik na

  37. pat

    wow, naglipana na ang mga sellers. haha nga naman, gagawin ang lahat kumita lang. kahit ilagay na sa panganib ang buhay ng clients nila. tsk.

    oh well, sabi nyo nga wala namang namimilit sa inyo. go ahead, enjoy your carcinogenic coffee. :)

  38. jspv72

    Hi Bang,
    Thanks for the info.
    sorry to ask but does this include Leissure 18, I am a busy person so i really don’t have time to work out, pero kung may ganitong problem talaga. i will stop taking that coffee kahit na maganda pa ang effect nya sakin, actually i am wondering what was the ingredient of that coffee how come my cravings for food lessened. Kaya nga nagulat ako sa blog mo. wish you will take time answering my question..Thanks again…

  39. how different is this product from all the other slimming pills pulled out from the market before? i think its ingredients are similar, if not the same.

    remember how there was an expose on slimming pills, teas, etc on TIME magazine, how the daughter of an actor almost died because of side effects?

    well, how different is this product exactly? a lot of people lost weight with the slimming pills, however, talk omitted those who did not. in fact, there should be a warning on every box.

    i tried the slimming pill (ballerina, etc) previously and immediately noticed a change in discharge. plus, i was nauseous. took the box to my doctor, and voila, if you have a weak liver, you shouldn’t take it pala. it is the same with this new (well, not-so-new) but fad slimming coffee product. the manufacturers should post warnings on the label!!! but because it is manufactured in China where tests are not released (read: melamine in milk, formalin in candies, etc), are you even surprised they keep ingredients secret???

    apparently, if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, etc, you SHOULDN’T take this SLIMMING COFFEE product! but do all these women know that? what are sellers waiting for? are they waiting for someone to drop dead before they even acknowledge that they are selling a product that isn’t FDA/ BFAD-Approved? i wouldn’t want that on my conscience, diba? even SENNA tea isn’t healthy if taken regularly, but at least the ones on shelves have warnings.

    thanks for posting this blog. was curious why a lot of my girlfriends were into this coffee (or something similar).

    i’d rather be “healthy” and alive, thank you. :)

  40. Daphne

    I tried this with Nescafe Classic and Speed detergent. It also turned like that color.

  41. Jang

    While the author of this blog may or may not be mistaken in her conclusion about the presence of this Phenolphthalein in slimming coffees, I think she exposes a problem in these products (whether original or fake) — [b]no one knows if they are safe or not[/b]. No one, not even the resellers of these products, can outrightly say that these slimming products do not contain some harmful chemical. To my knowledge, no one has even come out to reveal all their ingredients. Everyone who has tried it or is selling it is just harping about its effectiveness in weight reduction. No one has studied all these products to see if they are really safe for human consumption in the long run.

  42. kitty

    haay. grabe naman yang mga naninira na yan.. pasalamat nga tayo at shinare ‘to sa atin ni sis bang eh.

    at least diba, winarn tayo. tayo pa naman aksing mga girls basta sa sake ng pagpapaganda mapusok! kung anu anu iniinom para lang gumanda!

    concern lang si sis noh.. she has nothing bad against the sellers.

    shinashare lang nya yung naobserve nya. buti nga shianre diba. at least mas magiging careful tayo.

    saka dun sa nagsabing nasgayang sya ng pera to experiment on juices and other coffee, aba problema mo na yun kung nagsayang ka ng pera. di naman sinabi ni sis bang na magfeeling chemist ka at mageperiment ng ibat ibang inumin dyan eh. shunga shunga ka lang talaga! nanisi ka pa ng iba!

    grabe tong mga to.. nagmalasakit na nga si sis na ishare to, kung anu anu pa masama pinagsasabi. lols

    anyway, thanks for sharing this sis! grabe nagulat ako ah. medyo kinabahan tuloy ako. sana bfad approves talaga tong MAX na iniinom ko. :)

  43. gale

    i just want to share my experience about leisure 18 slimming coffee.. just like the others, i also searched in the net and found positive feedbacks.. so i also bought a box and tried a sachet at once.. but later in the day, i felt mild headache that turns into terrible one.. sobrang sakit.. i even vomited many times until my stomach was empty.. i was able to sleep only when i took biogesic. i was so scared that i didn’t drink the coffee again! it must be really too good to be true.. no one can tell what really the ingredients are.. specially most of its labels are in Chinese characters.. we should all be very careful..
    thanks bang for sharing your experience..

  44. Charisse

    Hi! I came across your article while researching on slimming coffees. I was just wondering, why, after 2 nights of internet research, are you the ONLY person I could find saying negative things about these products? Honestly, everywhere I searched, from sellers to buyers, to blogs and forums and individual reviews, all hailed this product!
    I tried 1 sachet of Leisure 18 (bought individually at a Chinese drug store here in Bacolod for P25) about 3 days ago. And in those 3 days, I ate a LOT (Nov.1 holiday, family reunions & native delicacies) and I stopped jogging in the mornings (too busy-kids are on sembreak) – and after just one sachet and three days later — I lost 5 lbs! That may sound GREAT and I’m SO loving it, since I have been plateauing in the last few months w/ my weight, even with diet and exercise! But, I can’t help but be reminded of the saying: “IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…THEN IT USUALLY IS!” I’m asking myself, if this product is such a miracle-worker for weight loss, then WHY hasn’t the whole world begun using it? Afterall, obesity IS a huge problem nowadays! So, I really do smell sonething fishy here and my gut just tells me “NO!” so, even though I want to continue taking this coffee and losing weight effortlessly, I’d much rather live to be a grandmother or even great grandmother! Sad as I may feel about not being able to use this weight loss product, I think the cons outweigh the pros and I’d rather continue my jogging and sipping green tea & ampalaya tea (which I hate)… and do it the natural way-no matter how long it takes! Thanks for the info! =)

  45. Bang

    you are all welcome! Thanks for taking your time reading this “controversial” post. It’s a wake-up call to everybody.

    Let’s all lose weight safely and healthy! :)


  46. jyn

    kapag hindi ba lumabas ung result na katulad ng sa experiment mo, ibigsabihin ba non wala ung harmful chemical dun sa coffee na un?

  47. chel

    hi.. i read your blog and i totally agree with you. i’ve taken it as well.. if you want toxins from your body to be removed email me.. i have a wonderful product.. it’s So Easy Colon Cleansing.. If you want to know more abt this email me at and use COLON CLEANSING as subject so i waill prioritize your message..

    Thanks! hope to hear from you soon!

  48. dimples

    Afterall, obesity IS a huge problem nowadays! from Charisse……..

    maybe that’s why the manufacturer’s always reminding the buyers not to take slimming coffee with people having high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant and nursing, and most especially with serious health problems… if you’re obese you must not take slimming coffee, why? because most of the obese people have high blood pressure as well as diabetes and heart problems. so by taking this product will result to a very serious side effect, right? so in my own opinion, we have to be careful on buying, beware of the fakes because this people selling fakes are the one’s who doesn’t care about us….they just do care in making money.

    thanks :)

  49. Lola

    Hi to everyone and thanks for sharing your blog… It’s really wake up call to myself for taking these ILLEGAL slimming coffee… Icame across to your blog few times looking for anymore negative comments, I took these coffees for almost 3 and half months and I totally drop my weight from 71 kgs to 63 kgs …. WOW! yeah Amazing! It’s means my coffee is Authentic! and Yes, I experienced those side effects initially, but then it’s turns fine, as usual I takes my meal in regular time but not much as before so I won’t feel dizzy even I don’t feel to eat and I don’t want to lose my weight dramatically like some people drop their weight for 5 kgs in 5 days and that’s not right so I’m still very careful while I’m taking these coffees… Some nights can’t sleep, palpitation at times but manageable, dryness of throat that’s why I keep drinking water, no constipation may be becoz I still eat my high fiber diet…

    The Next happened to me 2 days ago… I was having light dizzy and bad headache i just thought it’s becoz of having my monthly period but behind that my friend took my Blood Pressure and iTs HIGH!!!!……160/110 !!!!
    And it’s Scare me to death !!! My usual blood pressure is only 110/60 mmhg. At first I don’t believe that The main cause is the slimming coffee but I did my research those slimming coffees contains a SIBUTRAMINE and the side effect is high blood pressure lead to heart problems… For all those taking these coffees PLEASE STOP TAKING THEM!!! Before it’s too late and if you still love yourself or your Family… These coffees are banned to many countries like in Canada, America, Ireland or inEurope because it can lead you to death and it’s not safe!!!

    For those who selling it… Please make up your mind! And do your research!!! I just only want to share my experienced. I hope I’ll be fine in few days and my blood test will be fine PLEASE GOD!

  50. pam

    hi bang, totoo ba ung niblog mo??cause i wondering kc ngtake na ko na 2 sachet ng slimming coffee for just two days and i feel na nhihilo aq..nkktakot namn..

  51. Kim

    hi guys.. kung totoo man tong blog na to.. henyo sya.. pero di k man lang nag pasalamat dun sa ininom mo atleast nabawasan taba mo.. tapos eto ka ngayon mag blog ka ng ganyan sa product na ininom mo… ano tawag dun? “wlang utang na loob” hahahhaha… khit di ka uminom nya o uminom k pa… kukunin ka din ni lord noh.. pag labas pa lang nten s mundo alam na ni God kung kelan k nya babawiin noh.. wierd mo1 SANA LANG KHIT PAPAANO NAG PASALAMAT KA DUN SA COFFEE DIN YUNG MAG BLOG KA PA NG GANYAN TO SCARE ALL… kanya kanya tayo ng buhay wag mong i feed yung iba ng accidental discovery mo..

  52. mae

    hi bang thank you sa info mo…but im kind a confuse becoz if you are a chem engineering if you are not sure you should test it first before you try it.and in your talents is a big apportunity for you to knows the safe or risk of every medicine or especially diet product before u try it.but anyway ang ksabhin nga nasa huli ang pagsisi..yung nabili mo i’M 100% FAKE dun palng sa box walng gold mo na try mo rin sa ibang product yung original ba..are sure i did my own test..walng color change happen so i add more detergent ganun pa rin mo lahat my PH.can you explain bkit hnd nng change yng kulay nng sa akin.i mean i respect you as a chem engineerng.but confuse lang.and i order it dto sa U.S.Pasado sa custom so hnd cia bawal dito.

  53. melissa

    thank you for the info, about slimming coffee’s can you post or share to me what are others are also bad for people like me? i also have problem on my weight, and some people recommend me like slimming coffees, id like to know more abut it,please???? i will wait, and thank you for the info,

  54. ann bongalo

    Thanks for posting, sis! I used the coffee for about 4 days but stopped when I couldn’t take the side effects – dryness in the mouth, palpitations and a feeling na parang ‘high’ ka the whole day. Worse, I started having bloody stool. It really scared me. I hope wheatgrass works. Do post your findings as to how these components can be flushed out of the body. We’re all eager to know. Thanks again, sis!

  55. allie

    May tanong lang ako Bang, Paano ka nakakasiguro kung meron ngang phenolphthalein ang coffee diba dapat ang research ay magsimula sa original ingredients ng coffee muna bago tayo magassume na talagang ang coffee ay nagko -cause ng cancer. Meron ba dyan nakakaintindi ng chinese writing? Paano natin malalaman ang mga totoong ingredients ng kapeng ito?

  56. mickey

    oo mapanganib po yan.. kasi that’s a fake one… yung pong sa akin pareho nung slimming coffee mo po pero me signs of authenticity na wala dun sa box n sachet po.. kaya sure po ako na that one’s a fake..

    tinesting ko din po sa detergent and hindi nmn po xa naging purple and I am relieved.. kinabahan po talaga ako…

    thnx po sa post na ito.

  57. kristine

    Hey Bang, i appreciate na pinagbuhusan mo ng attention tong leisure 18 coffee… 4days na akong umiinom nito and though ni-try ko yung test (walang changes na nangyari nung nilagyan ko ng detergent) nagdadalawang-isip parin ako sa product na ‘to. Kasi bigla nalang tumaas blood pressure ko from 120 to 140. So I was thinking na kung wala mang phenolphthalein the said product, hindi kaya may sibutramin analogues..?
    Out of curiousity magre-research pa ako. But thanks for sharing your discovery parin. It made me think twice about drinking this coffee.

  58. kristine

    yeah slimming coffee ang na-try mo, pero in-assume ko nalang na applicable din ‘to sa ibang slimming coffee since sa isang country lang siya nanggaling and halos pare-pareho lang ang ingredients na nakalagay sa box. ;)

  59. sin

    THIS IS A CLEAR WARNING. sa mga resellers (well, halata naman kung sino yun) wag na kayong mang-flame. It’s common sense that getting thin fast is NOT SAFE. Ok, pumayat ka ngayon, pero how about the long term effect of the thing you’ve used? years from now the effects will surface, either on your skin or on your internal organs or maybe your kids.. pa’no kung may abnormalities ang magiging anak mo? di natin masabi ngayon.. gusto nyong malaman kung pa’no? let the ones who have true faith on slimming coffees do the job. let them update you years from now, and after that, you’ll thank the person who made this blog. she’s just posting a warning. kung ayaw nyo maniwala, bahala kayo. kung nakaapekto sa negosyo nyo ang blog then maybe there’s something in it that is true. kung hindi totoo, wag kayong paapekto, sa reactions nyo, lalong nagduda ang mga buyers nyo.:) (no, i’m not helping you guys. i’m just saying na ang bilis naman makita kung sinong dapat pagkatiwalaan). read magazines, read threads, read blogs, may reviews naman na magpapatunay ng “good” or “bad” effects. don’t be blind. ang hirap sa inyo benta nyo lang naisip ninyo. women are easy victims of these, dahil na rin sa society pressure at media. surely, one of you are victims too.

  60. hi! this is really helpful mind if i ask permission to copy ur link and post it to my site


  61. Kat

    HI ms bang, just came across this blog entry from a friend.. im not a slimming coffee drinker pero i know people who sell, and people that take the coffee..may nagssabing effective, while some says they experience some sort of inconvenience with it, whatever that is, may nahhilo, may hindi talga makatulog etc. I just want to say this to everyone who so negatively commented on this post- its up to you to believe it or not!! Sana naman you can be open minded enough that this is a blog post, and heck Ms Bang can write whatever she wants here, and if may nasagasaan man na coffee drinkers jan, please lang dont take it against her, and please dont make it a personal
    attack on you because you may be a user of a seller of this product. Panira ba ang blog entry na ito? What for? I dont know Ms Bang okay, this is the first time Im reading her entry, and ang pangit lang kasi that so many people are saying her post is a form of paninira..come on people, if you dont believe this then dont get affected. If you do, and you have tried to experiment yourself, then take the healthier route to staying fit.

  62. Ben

    You know ladies I think some of you are just blinded by the fact that you’re losing weight fast because of these slimming product. Don’t throw all that hate on the author..She just shared what she experienced. It doesnt really matter if the author bought a fake product or not, It really isn’t the point. The point is losing weight the right way is better than just depending on a product that promises you that you’ll lose weight fast. Di ba mas maganda yung you lose weight the right way? Proper diet, exercise, healthy lang po need nyo.. Discipline sa sarili least sa healthy way wala ka inaalala na side effects or after effects..Really appreciate the article.

  63. aljether

    and this will be my thesis, i’ll prove if this is true or not… :))

  64. rianne

    hi sis.. ang galing mu nmn,, honestly seller din ako ng slimming coffee.. dami din kze naghahanap skin.. pero im pretty surwe n original ang coffee n binebenta ko.. eniweiz ilan bese n ako nag try n mag research en infairnes kze sobrang indemand tlga ng product. .. kze ako attitude ko try ko muna bago ko ibenta ..sana malaman ntin kun totoo or hindi ang blita..

    thanks sa info

  65. angela cruz

    Based sa picture nung slimming coffee sa post. Fake ung coffee. kasi ung authentic na FASHION SLIMMING COFFEE eh white ung writing sa sachet.. ung nsa picture balck ung font.

  66. Lexy

    I hope this isnt suicide though. Im not obese,just 120 lbs and still 18. So I say, what the hell,why not try! I just hope I really do lose 5 lbs in just a week!lol! That would be really awesome. Im ready for it!

  67. Jane

    @Kim.. wala namang dapat i-utang na loob si ms. bang.. you know why? dahil siya ang bumili at nagbayad nung Product.. she lose weight.. dapat pa niya ipagpasalamat sa seller? you’re so immature.. dapat ikaw ang uminom nito.. at isa pa skniya ang blog na ito.. so she have the right to post whatever she wants.. Kaya ikaw gumawa ka din ng Blog mo.. nang maisigaw mo sama ng loob mo.. 1st time ko lang itong nakita ang Blog na ito.. and Medyo na convince ako.. I take 1 sachet from a seller in FB ng Leisure18 but i have this super dizzy effect.. grabeng sakit ng ulo ko and ang inantok ako ng sobra.. kaya ikaw! kung seller or reseller ka.. ikaw na sana ang maunang mawala sa mundo.. wala ka namang pakinabang.. ikaw ang walang utang na loob nagbasa na nga mga mata mo.. ikinasama mo pa!

  68. marie

    hi! I used this fashion slimming coffe once only, after an hour my blood pressure goes 150/110. Sumakit ang ulo ko at nahihilo.

  69. I almost bought a box of this, but thank God nag research muna ko. Thank u so much. Tama na dapat wag na itong i -take. Lahat talaga ng short cut na pag papapayat ay di mabuti. We should not take the easy route. Kelangan talaga ng control sa food plus exercise kung gusto pumayat! Thank u sa author ng post na ito!!!

  70. YvesPhilip

    Hello :] opo lalaki ako, hindi banidoso but is really wanting to lose pounds.. 2 days q na gngmit ung coffee and aside from thirst and decreased appetite, wala na qng bad n nararamdaman.

    sana po may makapagbigay ng isang link/site na nagcoconfirm na bad sa health yung coffee.. it’s true that the users are all blinded. ang hirap naman kasing magpapayat anu! hehehe..

  71. carla


    its a good thing i was able to find a negative comment w this product.
    currently kasi im trying it, and its good for my constipation.

    I was able to read about Phenolphthalein Laxatives tuloy.
    I also found out that, although may ingredient na Phenolphthalein Laxatives ang slimming coffee na yan,
    di naman pala ganon ka harmful.
    -you need to eat nutritious foods 1st,
    atleast an hour before taking slimming cofee
    para di masama yung nutrient intake mu sa pupu.
    -lots of water intake is a must.
    -and exercise is still needed to complete our diet.

    tas nalaman ko din na
    its not yet proven na cancer causing yung Phenolphthalein Laxatives na asa slimming coffee,
    kasi sa daga palang sya natest na nagkaroon ng tumor reactions.
    no records yet sa humans diba.

    and i aslo found out
    that the safe dosage of Phenolphthalein Laxatives
    is 17gm per day.
    eh yung slimming coffee has 10gms lang per sachet
    eh may halo pa yung coffee so ilang gms lang dun ang laxatives.
    and i also found out na kailangan di ka mag intake non
    ng more than 3 consecutive mos.

    Pls update me if ever something new comes. thanks1

  72. Reitfox

    I have tried this coffee binigyan lang ako ng friend ko ng 15pcs, after using it once stop ko na tinapon ko na sa basurahan XD haha Jogging and gym na lang wala ka pang aalalahanin sa side effects nung uminom kac ako nanunuyot throat ko at nahihilo ^^ There are no shortcuts on losing weight no pain no gain !!

  73. Hi to all.

    Ako, I’m a seller of these slimming products. Whenever I encounter potential buyers na nag-aalanganin, I always tell them that exercise and healthy diet is the best pa ren.

    Pero just like me, yung tipong di makapag exercise and opt to take slimming products, you have to know when to stop, and not to overdose.

    Marami akong buyers na nagugulantang na lang ako. 2 sachets of slimming coffee and 1 slimming pill ang nitake for a day! Luckily, yung coffee is yung para sa akin is pinakasafe, and yung pill is sure akong safe. Pero kung ibang pill and ibang coffee yun, sasakalin ko talaga yung buyer na yun.

    Kahit yung mga binebenta sa US na patented and allowed ng Food and Drugs Department nila, maaaring may side effect like palpitation. Bihirang bihirang bihirang bihira lang ang slimming product na natural.

    Sa mga nagbabalak magtake, pag sinabing 1 sachet, dapat 1 sachet lang. Although nanggigigil minsan para mas mabilis ang effect, pigilan ang sarili.

    Yung mga naoospital, hindi nila aamining nagoverdose sila. Or baka naman may health problem talaga sila, then nagtake sila nito. There’s someone sa internet, yung isang family member nila namatay raw sa slimming product. And based sa kuento, yung medyo matindi ang nitake nung girl then nagmamadaling pumayat. In short, nag overdose. Nagkadepression ata, basta napansin nilang kakaiba yung user then end up dead.

    Kung kaya mag exercise, magexercise and healthy diet na lang. Pero nandito kaming mga seller ng slimming products. Just make sure na you know when to stop.

    Wag nang magmaintenance!!! After 3 to 4 months, siguro naman pumayat ka na. Kahit di ka naging sexy na puede na magswimsuit, stop na. Ako, ganun ginawa ko. Taba ko pa ren now, pero I have to wear my pants with sinturon ng pang 5th na butas para di lawlaw. dati di kasya yung pants ko sa akin.

    Vitamins, pag nasobrahan, masama ren. Yung vitamin A, kung may vitamin A na capsule and araw arawin mo yun, masama. There are just things na di puedeng itake everyday forever.

    I hope this helps a little.

  74. Hi Bang, this is an eye opener, I was actually waiting for 4 more boxes of this controversial slimming coffee coming from the Philippines, I already consumed two boxes 3 to 4 mos ago. Now I am scared but I am certain that I am not going to take it again and will detox to flush it out. Gusto kong mabuhay ng mahaba kasama ang family ko. I will start running again better safe than SORRY! Please allow me to repost your article in my blog to let more people know how dangerous this slimming coffee for their health. thanks again.God Bless!

  75. Kristina Rey

    i wish everyone is intelligent enough , aware enough na wag mag take ng slimming products na ganito.

    Medicines, slimming products ang target ng business industries ngayon. I wont waste a single penny for this industries.. chemicals are harmful sa bodies. I don’t why people keep injecting chemically compound substance in your body. People can’t even pronounce the word straight correctly.


    Kaya nga ang daming switch sa organic products ngayon right?
    May mineral make up, mineral lipstick, organic shampoos , organic soaps. Pero , tuloy naman ng intake ng slimming pills and coffees, supplements, and such!!

    Being aware lang naman ang solution. Wala naman secret way sa losing weight! people its lifestyle change! and if don’t have kahit konting discipline sa sarili niyo. Good luck to you. You end up like an addict searching for a cure without even noticing it. Always searching sa fast effects.

    If people really want to help you. Yung tamang paraan ang sasabihin o ituturo sayo. Part of marketing business lang yun ” kaya ako ang bebenta dahil gusto kong tumulong at pumayat ang ibang sissies natin” . at marami ngang naloloko.

  76. Kristina Rey


    nag lose weight kayo hindi kayo kumakain.

    calorie in , calorie out

    less calorie intake , = loseweight.

    hindi kayo kumakain dahil effect ng coffee nakakawala ng gana.
    nawawalan tuloy ng nutrition ang katawan.nawawalan ng calorie intake, kaya nag lose weight..

    iniaasa niyo sa coffee ang discipline sa food intake. after ng coffee dilemna, mag crave body niyo sa food.

    at same process again. kapag may product na naman na umuso at magaganda ang review. aakalain na naman yung ang MIRACLE WEIGHTLOSS MAGIC niya. bibili na naman. at paikot ikot lang ang process. HINDI NA NATUTO. lol.

    be aware!

  77. blackrose

    I have a plan to buy slimming coffee this week but accidentally i read this blog.I am bit scared because of what i discover in this page.Is it really true about the said slimming coffee?I have a lot of friends who tried the slimming coffee and it worked.They really losing weight.That’s why i want to try but maybe i will not try because i am scared now.
    Please allow me to repost this blog.thank you

  78. Catherine


    ang immature mo girl. Nakakatawa ang level ng utak mo.
    Anong pinagsasabi mo na may utang na loob sa kape? hahahah. sa lahat ng comment , and sinabi mo nakakatawa.hahahahhaha. hini ko mapigilang hindi tumawa.!!! hahaha

    quoted sa sinabi ni kim
    “hi guys.. kung totoo man tong blog na to.. henyo sya.. pero di k man lang nag pasalamat dun sa ininom mo atleast nabawasan taba mo.. tapos eto ka ngayon mag blog ka ng ganyan sa product na ininom mo… ano tawag dun? “wlang utang na loob” hahahhaha… khit di ka uminom nya o uminom k pa… kukunin ka din ni lord noh.. pag labas pa lang nten s mundo alam na ni God kung kelan k nya babawiin noh.. wierd mo1 SANA LANG KHIT PAPAANO NAG PASALAMAT KA DUN SA COFFEE DIN YUNG MAG BLOG KA PA NG GANYAN TO SCARE ALL… kanya kanya tayo ng buhay wag mong i feed yung iba ng accidental discovery mo..”

    Idadamay po name ng Lord.
    haha. Mauna ka na kayang mamatay.. Sabi mo nga,babawiin din naman lahat. parang wala kang care sa buhay mo at sinasabi mong babawiin din lang.
    NAKAKATAWA KA TALAGA!!!!!!!!!.hahahahhahahaha. nakakainis na nakakatawa kasi nakakatanga ang comment mo..

    kung kaharap kita baka hindi ka makasingit sa tawa koo. kasi tatawanan kita ng bonggang bonnga sa katangahan ng comment mo. LOOOOOOOOOOL..

    bebenta ka ba ng kape?
    babili ako ng madami. gift ko pabalik sayo. sexy ka nga boba naman. immature pa. .HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    p.s first time ko sa blog na ito. i dont even know the blogger. LOL.

    natawa lang talaga ako sacomment.hahahah

  79. mymy

    Hi I’m also taking this slimming coffee. I think we have a different box,as well as different color of sachet. Mine is light red and also has a logo on both side of the sachet. I know that there are so many fake slimming coffee now in the market. I think what you’ve just bought is not the right one. It really is effective, we just might have different side effects. In the box itself, mine has 3 logos on both side, and one side has this gold sticker. Yours also has gold sticker, but the logo is only 2. I’m suggesting to those who’s using this slimming coffee, just make sure that what you’re buying is the real one.

    But anyway, this information is very helpful. Thanks for sharing is.

  80. Alma

    Hi I am drinking the same brand of coffee posted by Bang so I tried to test it kasi kinabahan ako sa post nya. Hindi naman po ngchange ung color ng coffee :-) Maybe fake nga ung coffee na nabili nya, hindi kc ganyan ung color ng label ng coffee na nabili ko.

  81. kerei

    ..oo nga, fake nga cguro un.,
    ‘chenelin plaktudu’!

  82. kyle

    paano naman ang 7days brazillian slimming coffee ganon din po ba

  83. Rafael

    Hi bang!

    I Agree with commment no. 26. Plant pigments like the ones found in coffee often react with acidic or basic substance. Dont think that its purely penolphthalein.


    Dont use powedered detergent in washing your dishes, baka malagyan mo yung pinaglagaan ng kamote, sabihin mo me penolphthalein din yun. Hahahaha! Try joy dishWashing liquid!

  84. ziazia

    thank you po sa pag-post nito! thank God 3 days pa lang ako umiinom nito pero kahit 3 days pa lang please update me kung pano siya flush sa body thank you po! God bless you!

  85. abby

    i think it´s not the authentic slimming coffee kasi ung box nya iisa ung logo.yung letter nya parang hindi rin naka embossed

  86. Misa

    A pleasant day to all of you, from the people concern, curious and for the people na napadaan lang,

    First and foremost the best way to be fit and healthy is doing exercise and having a balance diet. People now a days are easily attracted to many ways kung paanu magpapayat with the use of Other substance such as slimming coffe, capsule, tea and many more. Epekto na ata to ng mga “Banyaga” But still we can’t blame the substance introduced, dahil na din to sa High Technology kaya nadidiscover ang new products..

    Im not against sa mga ganan substance at hindi ko rin naman sila kinakampihan, kung baga innovation na yan parang dati LATA at STRING lang>telephone>Cellphone.

    Hindi naman kasi tayo pinilit ng mga seller na bumili ng substance na tulad nila it is OUR WILL to buy them, wihtout knowing what might be the SIDE effects, parang Glutathione which is primary for the LIVER natin ang side effect is pampaputi/whitening.

    If you are trying to test naman the acidity of the coffee, please naman as early as elementary tinuturo na po yan. COFFEE is ACIDIC.

    un test po na ginawa is very simple, try to research more po before saying anything else. the company can file a case against this “LIBEL and ASSAULT” po kasi pwede nila ikaso.

    AND LASTLY para naman po maging less praning po tayo sa mga ganan issue, but still want to use substance na nakakapag pabilis ng weight loss consult an expert or try substance na alam natin na BFAD approve, remember we are trying to RISK or HEALTH if hindi natin iTRY iconsult ang mga experts. Do not easily believe sa mga tinatawag natin “SABI-SABI” remember ang epekto sa kanila maaring iba ang epekto sayo, YES madami naman nagsasabi effective ito but on the future kaya what might be the effect of drinking or taking this substance.

    THE really best way to BE FIT is HAVE A WELL BALANCE DIET which depends on your health condition and A GOOD EXERCISE and i almost forgot a STRESS FREE Environment. :)

    *WELL BALANCE DIET depends on your health condition, for example sa mga may Cardiovascular disease it is recommended to have a LOW salt,Low fat diet po

    -Good day!

  87. ananymous

    My friend’s dad was a media in a certain company, he gone to BFAD ( bureau of food and drugs) and asked about the Brazilian Coffee.
    This is the BFAD’s STATEMENT :

    Brazilian Coffee was banned in Brazil for its bad effects like having kidney defects and distributed their stocks to the other countries particularly in the Philippines.
    It is a wide spread and it is commonly being brought at the chinese drugstores. Brazilian coffee is not BFAD approved.

    — hearing upon statement, I began worrying about my health and how would I get back to my usual lifestyle. Even though I stopped drinking this coffee, still I can experience, shortness of breath, Shaking, coffee addiction, headache, muscle pain, suppression of appetite, insomnia and the like.

  88. mymy

    I also tested the Fashion Nature Slimming Coffee I’m drinking on Joy detergent, and nothing changes! I also agree with the others saying that what Bang’s bought is a fake one.

  89. angel

    LOL!! halatang halata yug mga seller ng coffee oh..bato bato sa langit ang tamaan WAG MASYADO HALATA,,,:D tawa much dun sa isang post na dapat magpasalamat sa kape!!! hahaha… buti nalang nabasa q 2ng post na 2..kaya pla 2 goOd to be true..hay naku buti nalang..tsk! tsk!..

  90. Izzy

    Hello! Like many of you, I am also desperate to lose so much weight. I never tried this coffee because the effects it had were very much the same with Zhen de Shou. It was way popular years ago because it really curbed cravings and you just had this overwhelming thirst that you need to quench every now and then. I didn’t mind that side effect at all considering that I also lost 10 pounds in the first month.

    What made me stop was that on my second month, I could no longer sleep. And it felt like I was always high with something I could not identify. After a few months, Zhen de Shou capsules were raided all around the Metro because the BFAD found substances that can definitely lead to organ faliure in the long run.

    I am very much positive that the substances found in this slimming coffee is the same components found in the banned substance. I had the very same side effects – loss of appetite, increased thirst, palpitations, sweating, insomnia and later on I had terrible bad breath that smelled very much like medicine. It was the time when I told myself that I had to stop.

    We really don’t have to attack the writer on this blog regarding her experience. We are all free to decide what we wish to with our health. So the call is ultimately yours. Here’s my two cents hoping it could get others to avoid something that is not well studied.

  91. Izzy

    And oh with regards to identifying the fake coffees and such – they had the very same marketing strategy with Zhen de Shou. When people had side effects, they immediately claimed that it was FAKE. So it was really smart for manufacturers to produce different packages from gold, silver etc. It was easier for them to work their way around the ill effects because if a person had problems, the conclusion was always related to not getting genuine ones. I think it’s a clever marketing strategy at our expense.

  92. Izzy

    Eeeek Sis! I found out that the very same thing causing symptoms is Phenolphthalein. Here’s the link:

    I was most certain na pareho talaga ang effect.

  93. hi! i already consumed half box of this slimming coffee when i came across your article ,and like everyone else i got scared too… and right after reading your post,due to curiosity, i immediately tried what you did to check if it’s really true or not, i mean the change of colors,however there’s almost no changes at all except for the li’l bubbles of the after result due to the liquid detergent i put or mix in the coffee (i used Joy liquid detergent) ,i even took a picture of it “the before and after”. somehow , i felt relief upon seeing the result…
    I don’t know guys, i’m not sure anymore about this coffee but i do like its effect on me.

    here’s the link to see the result i posted today:

  94. lady

    Hello pwedi malaman kung ano yung brand nang detergent powder or dishwashing liquid kasi nag try din ako using leisure sliming 18 slimming coffee at juice .. using pride powder and surf . Kaso walang changes same parin ang kulay ng coffee at ng juice.. Salamat

  95. Bang

    It’s pride detergent powder Lady. ;-)

  96. lotty

    san po b mabibili ang slimming coffee n yan? i want to try!

  97. kookai

    hi ms. bang and everyone,

    share ko lang,i used leisure 18 slimming for the first time last november 2010, una kong nagamit fake, black na parang type written lang ang expiration at mfg date sa ilalim, unang inom ko, nagka rashes ako, 3rd day tinigil ko kc walang effect, dumami pa lalo ung rashes, humanap ako ng iba, 2010.08.28mfg date, 2012.08.29exp date embossed na gold na malapad, sobrang effective nya, pati sis ko pinadalhan ko at pumayat din, 3 days of drinking 1 cup every morning, from 110lbs. bumaba ako ng 92 lbs.umorder ulit ako sa same supplier kahit di pa ubos ung 1 box ko, pero nung maubos at try ko yung pinadala saking bago, hindi na effective, bili naman ulit ako sa iba naman, di na rin effective, hanggang ngaun i am still looking for that same mfg and expiration date ASAP kc i am going to buy 100 boxes, lahat naman tau mamamatay, una una lang yan, kung oras mo e oras mo na di ba? atleast kung matigok ako e naranasan kong maging sexy at makagalw ng maayos kc nawala ang mga taba ko, saka may mga fake na kc ngaun, natiming lang siguro yung iba at ako na makabili ng fake, ty ms. bang, now lahat ng bibilhin ko e itetest ko muna, di bale ng sayang ang isang sachet o mapagod, atleast kung fake e di hanap ulit ng iba, di ba? marami ng tao ngaun na addict na sa pagiging pyat, hindi lang babae, mas maarte pa nga ngaun mga boys kesa girls with regards to everything (aminin) ty, kung sino ka man na bumasa ng post ko

  98. kookai

    Ay in addition nga po pala, hindi naman sinabi sakin nung supplier ko na bawal sa highblood so i took leisure slimming coffee, and u know what? bumaba ang bp ko from 180/130, naging 110/80, oo, tuyo lagi labi, uhaw lagi, wiwi lagi pero maganda ang resulta sakin, pumayat ako at naging normal ang blood pressure ko, ultimo nga nurse sa clinic na pinupuntahan ko e na shock at normal ang BP for the FIRST TIME and i am 42 years old na and been taking maintenance for highblood pressure since i was 32 but stopped when i noticed na hindi na sumasakit ang batok ko mula nung uminom ako ng hindi fake na leisure 18, no joke, totoo itong post ko, promise

  99. ananymous

    now i have cancer because of that coffee. dalhin nyo sa laboratory para malaman nyo.

  100. Francis

    Hi Bang,

    I would like to discuss some things with you regarding these matters. I am also doing researches about slimming items.

    I also have some information about slimming coffee that I would like to discuss with you.

    Please email me.

    Will be looking forward for your email.

    Thank you,

  101. grace

    hi…tnx for d blog. I supposed to buy that slimming tea to my cousin today pero atleast nagresearch muna ko bago ko binili. Thanks Bang. Im just to lazy to go the gym kahit na may instructor.Nghahanap kasi ako ng makakasamang mgjogging eh tapos ms nya ko bout dun sa slimming coffee. Anyways tnx again. I rather go to the gym kesa naman unsafe un makuha mong pglose ng weight,. Mabilis nga delikado naman.

  102. thina

    actually ung reductil pina re-call na.. kc di maganda ung side effects specifically sa heart.pero base sa naread ko. may appetite suppressant e parang medyo natakot ako. kasi dati nagtake na ako ng pill na color pink with chinese characters yung packaging ( dont know how to read chinese so i dont know the name of the pill.) effective sya. 20lbs in 3wks. happy sa result kaso. tinigil ko kasi i got busy in school. kaso terrible yung effect sa brain ko. kasi naging sobrang makakalimutin ako to the point na tulala at nakalutang ang isip ko.siguro it took me 2years bago mawala yung effect. how i notice it?! medyo bumilis na ulit akong pumick up. even my friend notice it too. since then di na ako nagtake ng mga slimming etc. pero na curious ako sa slimming coffee. i have to give it a shot.hehehehe

  103. It sounds like your advertising REDUCTIL

  104. anne

    my friend gave me 4 sachets of slimming coffee,same brand with what you have tested…on the second day i felt so weak and i lost my appetite.all i wanted was water or any cold didnt bother right away because i thought those effect were normal and i thought my body was just adjusting to the coffee that i was taking.but on the third day i felt weaker even had shortness of breath and i was so dizzy the whole day…3 days since i stopped drinking that coffee but im still suffering from chest pain and body weakness.

  105. Leon

    Slimming coffee contains illegal chemicals that can cause serious damage to your health, especially people with heart and kidney problems. If it was legal don’t you think you could buy a box from every retail outlet anywhere in the world. Stop fooling yourselves by only reading the possitive comments from websites selling the products. Wake up people there is no legal healthy quick fix, get off your asses follow a diet and do some excercises.

  106. Jessica

    Hi, I tried this Liessure Slimming COffee, I take 3 sachets as of this time, I feel its very effective. AS of now I try to finish the 18 Sachet then. Then if I feel bad then I decide to stop. as of now , I cant say that Slimming coffee is a killer coffee. May be you bought the fake Slimming coffee. It is true that it can lose ur appetite, I think its normal . After taking the 18 Slimming Coffee then thats the time I have to decide.

  107. ann

    nakakatakot naman….hindi na ko iinom…actually naka 1month and 1 week na ko nag take ng coffee…ung una body language slimming coffee 1 month un..talagang mawawalan ka gana kumain. after ko maubos ung 3 boxes ng body language nag shift ako sa 7 days slimming coffee…pareho lang effect. umikli ang oras ng pagtulog ko at supre constipation. minsan umiinom oa ko ng biguelai para lang ma flush toxins sa katawan ko…pero dahil sa nabasa ko mga comments dito promise di na ko iinom ng kahit anong slimming coffee…natatakot na talaga ako…thank u sa mga posts nyo.

  108. raly

    haaay. most foods and beverage are actually deadly if not taken in moderation. drink too much “regular coffee” you’ll get in trouble. drink slimming coffee you’ll get in trouble. check for BFD approved, buy at mercury drugstore etc. many ways to ensure safety. don’t take it against each other guy. palitan na lang kayo ng information para mas educational so we can come up with a decision whether to buy or not di ba? thanks for the posts anyway

  109. Leon

    Jessica you must be addicted to this coffee or your doses are not as high as the one my patients take. Initially by taking one sachet per day their hands start shaking, entire body gets jittery, its the same side affects as amphetamine.
    After a few weeks the body becomes tolerant and before they know it they are taking 2-3 sachets per day. Just like any drug.
    Yes Raly, drinking too much normal coffee is bad for you, due to the caffeine content. Slimming coffee however contains much higher doses of illegal drugs such as sibutramine ( look it up it causes cancer )

  110. justine

    i´m not against anything else here my stand is the fact that no one will lives forever no matter how physically fit you are.The thing is, it´s nice to see yourself in shape that´s why most people take the risk of anything just to attain that dream figure, and i myself did the same thing even though i´m not really fat just that chubby type, and also i don´t believe that this coffee contain some addictive ingredients like for example amphetamine, coz with regards to the price of this coffee, it´s not that expensive and i think some of us have an idea how much amphetamine are.Anyway all of us have their freewill to choose whatever they wanted to be.. tnx

  111. Kim

    Hi Bang,

    Thanks for your concern.. pagibig sa kapwa ang ginawa mo kaya wag mong pansinin yung mga nagreract dyan ng di maganda, dapat nga magpasalamat sila eh. Ako naman, kakaumpisa ko pa lang ng body language slimming coffee pero susubukan ko din itest ung coffee.

    @domon, syempre wala pang namamatay kasi magkakacancer pa lang.

  112. kimielle

    Hi Bang,

    Thanks for your concern.. pagibig sa kapwa ang ginawa mo kaya wag mong pansinin yung mga nagreract dyan ng di maganda, dapat nga magpasalamat sila eh. Ako naman, kakaumpisa ko pa lang ng body language slimming coffee pero susubukan ko din itest ung coffee.

    @domon, syempre wala pang namamatay kasi magkakacancer pa lang.

  113. marge

    totoo ba talaga toh/.?

  114. lorie


  115. Anonymous

    I’ve already consumed one box of Leisure 18 slimming coffee(ORIGINAL with seal and all)..Some of the posts I’ve seen have different spelling of this product (Leissure, Leizure) I don’t know if we’re talking about the same product. I’ve tried the test immediately after reading BANg’s post. No change in color.

    Well, Im not feeling any effects at all.. I dont feel overly thirsty, no dizziness, my blood pressure is normal, I sleep well.. Its Just that I crave less and I dont eat as much as before. Yes I’m losing weight but I , dont attribute that to slimming coffee coz I’m doing an after six diet as well.. and my weight is gradually decreasing— not abruptly as most users how many in a week? Its not healthy to lose weight drastically, that’s a fact.

    Will I use it again? hmm.. I have one more box in my shelf and I’m planning to consume it then stop evetually.. Discipline is more powerful than any other slimming coffee or tea out there. Also, I’ve read an article in yahoo health that might help you trim down your weight. This one’s with proven study and you don’t really have to “completely overhaul your diet or exercise regimen to see fast and impressive results on the scale.”

    hope this article helps..^^ I dont have anything against slimming coffee..try it at your own risk. But I suggest dont take it as a maintenance to stay fit. its alright to use it less than 3mos to motivate you coz you’re seeing results right? but after you gained your desired weight, its best to stop and just maintain that weight and never go back to your old bad eating habit. Love your Body, Eat Right. You can never go Wrong with that :)

  116. Precious

    By the way, its true that this entry is the only one you can find that doesn’t promote the coffee. I’d like to extend my thanks to Bang coz she prompted us to do thorough research before taking anything! haha.. Interesting Blog. I’ve learned a lot, not from the entry alone, but also from the comments as well.

  117. Thanks for the info! I learned a lot. :-)

  118. karla26

    Hi bang!
    I used slimming coffee also and I also encountered those side effects na dinanas ng mga ngcomments sa blog mo…ng try din ako ng test na ginawa mo,at based sa mga nbsa ko d2 na iba-iba ang mga label tungkol sa FAKE at ORIGINAL..yah 8’s true that this product s very effective u will loss weight w/o proper diet…nka ubos na ako ng isang box at yung ikalawang box pa ubos na din..but after this box,I decided 2 stop taking this..not jst because of the accidentally xperiment,side effects,local or original and other reasons..common sense nlng!bat ang bilis ng effect kaya ibig sabihin may mga halu!lahat yan may msamang dulot sa katawan..bat y r we taking?coz we have a purpose..para ky ms.bang inishare nya 2 para ma aware ang mga users,not by convincing 2 believe!at sa mga ng comment ng negative sana intindihin nyo muna at basahing maayos ang nais iparÁting ni BANG!sa taong ngcomment ng my utang na loob sa coffee..ur soooo stupid 2 say that! Try 2 change ug hobby READING kc kulang ka nyan!hehe

  119. karla26

    Sa taong ngsabi ng utang na loob sa coffee:

    Alam mo coffee ka kc ng coffee kaya tuloy wlang laman ang utak mo!try mo mgmilk baka pwede pa!recommend ko sayo effective:ENFALAC A+…lam mo apply mo agad yan tyak ok na utak mo balang araw pasasalamatan mo pa ako!hahaha

  120. angel

    oh my G!!! sobrang nakakatakot talaga… ive been drinking brazilian coffee for almost 5 months… and of corse pumayat ako. ang nakakatakot ay yong effect nito.. biglang nangingilabot ako…. and hopefully its not too late for me.. oh my.. im still young and so many plans in my life and to my family….

  121. flor

    hi,thanks for warn us,i have started dringking for just one week and it really fast reaction,im not interested to eat im not starving.i buy the coffee here in hongkong,maybe need to stop dringking.
    but i have advice also to those who wants to go on cleansing,potato,tomatoe,red apple, mix that all and get the juice of that and make one glass no mix must be pure.drink every morning only,and you could alternate it with green pepper,celery,cocumber,ampalaya same process just drink the juice.tested by my friend with mayoma and breast cyst…im taking it too for cleansing.lemon grass also can help to prevent cancer..tnx bye the way bangs..

  122. mhaye

    hi all,gumagamit din ako ng leisure 18 slimming coffee at talagang effective,ginawa ko ang test na sinabi ni bang pero hindi naman ngbago ang coloor ng coffee.nagulat ako sa nabasa ko sa blog,diko expected na ganun pala yun.thanks for the info.

  123. I admit. I am one of those dreaming to reclaim the old figure but is either too busy, or too lazy. I went out with a couple of friends and noticed htat two of them lost so much weight, 6 inches cutoff to be exact, in just three months. they said they were drinking this slimming coffee, about half a sachet per day because they palpitate if they drank more that half a sachet. They mentioned a brand – i forgot to take mental note, but I said that I’d like to try it out.

    Thanks to your article, you meant well. True or not, this piece of info I’m taking as an advice.

    I have to be more conscious of the food or “medicine” that I take – the risk to my health and loved ones is much too huge to take.

    I’ll share this information to my friends, whther they are taking the coffee, or about to take it like me, before I chanced upon your “advice”.

    Thanks again. And keep asking. :)

  124. fly

    I started taking Leisure 18 when my friend recommended it because it helped suppress her appetite. My sister also tried it though she said it didn’t work for her. The thing is, they both gave me a box, one has white sachets and the other gold. It wasn’t in a box because it was sent to me abroad.
    Anyway, I tried both. I see white particles floating on the coffee that I assumed to be melamine because it’s definitely not milk (considering the rumors about melamine). And there was a time when I was having breakfast, when I poured hot water on my almost empty coffee mug, I was shocked to see a fuchsia pink liquid filling it up. I opened the pot to check whether the waiter gave me some forest fruit tea in a pot or plain hot water. It was, indeed, just plain hot water. I took a picture since my mug had a bit of coffee stains and the liquid in it turned out to be fucshia!

    It was mysterious to me since I didn’t pay much attention to my chemistry teacher. I just found it weird and still continued to drink my slimming coffee everyday. Now, I guess I have to research about it more. My conclusion, absolutely UNSAFE. Thanks for the input. It may help others lose weight but they don’t know the longterm effect.

  125. fly

    I started taking Leisure 18 when my friend recommended it because it helped suppress her appetite. My sister also tried it though she said it didn’t work for her. The thing is, they both gave me a box, one has white sachets and the other gold. It wasn’t in a box because it was sent to me abroad.
    Anyway, I tried both. I see white particles floating on the coffee that I assumed to be melamine because it’s definitely not milk (considering the rumors about melamine). And there was a time when I was having breakfast, when I poured hot water on my almost empty coffee mug, I was shocked to see a fuchsia pink liquid filling it up. I opened the pot to check whether the waiter gave me some forest fruit tea in a pot or plain hot water. It was, indeed, just plain hot water. I took a picture since my mug had a bit of coffee stains and the liquid in it turned out to be fuchsia!

    It was mysterious to me since I didn’t pay much attention to my chemistry teacher. I just found it weird and still continued to drink my slimming coffee everyday. Now, I guess I have to research about it more. My conclusion, absolutely UNSAFE. Thanks for the input. It may help others lose weight but they don’t know the longterm effect.

  126. poohpy

    kung totoo man na may kakaiba at delikadong chemical na kahalo
    sa sangkap ang mahiwagang kapeng ito, di nako magtataka..
    Basta gawang China…Magical!!!!

    Lahat din naman ng mga gamot, pagkain, inumin at ultimo hangin ngayon ay may kahalo ng harmful chemicals…mamamtay din tayong lahat…gawin nyo kung ano gusto nyo…kung san kayo masaya…hala bira!!

    salamat Ms. Bang, sa pag-care sa well being ng ibang tao at sa information na di pa tiyak kung totoo, sana gawan ito ng pagsusuri ng BFAD at ng kung sino pang ahensya ng gobyerno na dapat sumuri nito :)

  127. Pau

    Shet, Nakaorder nako, kakainis di na pede icancel… Ok lang… mura lang naman yun. Pero pageexperimentuhan ko yung dosage… I’ve been reading the side effects sa mga forums Sa tingin ko Sibutramine nga yung active ingredient nito. Yung High BP, dyness of mouth, nausea vomitting, even hematemesis which is quite serious, also yung effect sa pagiging makakalimutin could also be attributed to Sibutramine. I think kaya nagshoot up yung BP ng iba eh dahil may family history talaga sila. At sa tingin ko rin, doble or triple ang lamang Sibutramine ng isang sachet, which is not safe.
    But let us remember every substance that we intake can cause adverse reactions in our body. So wala paring ligtas… Cancer? grabe naman, I don’t think so… Natakot lang ako dun sa comment na PUMUROL ANG UTAK NYA! Shocks naman, wala na nga akong beauty mawawala pa ang brain ko, saklap naman nun! haha! joke..
    Sa mga users, wag naman kayo ganyang magalit, relax, chill… dapat healthy and free discussion… :)
    Balik natural ulet ako. I lost 35 lbs in 6 months ang tagal pero SAFE at yung 20 lbs di na bumalik… :).. hehe! Nakaka enlighten ‘tong post na ‘to….Thank you.. :)

  128. Bang

    Happy easter everyone! Stay healthy!

  129. Mariza

    I ordered at 2x lats year this Brazillian coffee, very effective kaya nagtuloy tuloy ako,then out of stock cla by Jan,my co worker supplied eveybody in our job place,then last march 27,I ordered online again on different website, unluckily from PI yung website kaya dumaan sa custom,then was confiscated and US custom send me a letter that the item contained controlled substance which is Sibutramine, cannot import this substance.Kaya natakot ako coz of the side effects of Sibutramine,but they never mention about Phenolpthalein content. Anyway, still this coffee is not safe coz of very high cardiovascular risk etc.. etc..Tinigil ko ng uminom nito.. thanks

  130. Linda

    Hi Bangs,
    I have this slimming coffee by Slimina and the ingredients are: Hunger-oblivison grass, Griffona Simplicifolia, Bitter Orange Extracts and Instant coffee, it doesnt mention any other ingredients such as Phenolphthalein. This is made in China but distributed in Philippines. It’s a 12 pack box.
    I thought that companies are required to disclose all ingredients that has been used to make the product. Could you tell me if Slimina is a newer generation and has made the improvement necessary to make it a safe product for the consumers? The warnings on the box indicate: not suitable for people who have cardiovascular disease, stroke patients and people with serious illness, but there’s no mention what are the side effects to warn a person to stop using the product.
    I would appreciate any help or information you can provide.
    Thank you for your hard work and research and your brilliant inquiring mind for the rest of us.

  131. Hi Bang,

    Thank you for this. Most people nowadays always look for instant solutions for different problems.. be it in health, love, finances, etc. Though we are in a fast pacing world, let us be reminded that everything has a proper process & most cannot be solved by quick fixing/solutions.

    With regards to staying young, fit & healthy naturally, without deprivation, you may read the book “Fit for Life.” It will really help you a lot!

  132. yal

    Hi, actually even before I started taking this coffee I’ve already read your blog but since I wanted to be fit, I’ve ignored it. I’ve ordered this coffee through multiply and then a week after I’ve decided to stop using it. Why? Because I started to feel pain in my upper right part of my abdomen. I’ve consulted my doctor and told me that I must stop drinking medicines because my liver is having difficulty to function normally. I was really shocked because I’m not a type of person that drink medicine unless I cannot longer take the pain. Now, I’m doing the natural way of losing weight, slowly but surely and my liver is gradually recovering. I’m so thankful that I’ve prevented the harmful effects of it early. You must stop using this, don’t risk your health with this. God bless you all….

  133. Ranz

    Hi Bang Thanks for the info it really helps.. since I’m using Leisure18 Coffee and juice for 2 and half months now , After reading your blog I immediately tested every sachets from each box to check if those really change its color. After the tests, Luckily still same color with and without detergent. I believe I got the Authentic coffee and Juice and Effective po xa sa akin I will stop then taking this coffee and juice If na achieve ko na yung desired weight ko po…FYI: Yung Leisure18 Slimming Coffee is manufactured from Hong Kong.. Yung mga fakes lang po galing China… And would like to share also na ang effect ng coffee will vary from person to person… It might be effective to me but not effective to you. so depende po yun if you will take the risk to drink the coffee or any other Slimming teas or pills available in the market. At least I experienced a Slimmer Body. hehehe Halos naman po lahat ng kinakain natin may halong chemicals lalo na yung may CARCINOGENIC FOODS na maka cause ng cancer.. so Ingat lang po sa mga kinakain natin. Still I would recommend Healthy Diet and Exercise… Thanks Again…

  134. mike

    nothing will happen to you of course if you will not be addicted. use it for only 2 months. then just maintain your weight and diet. she used it for 6 months. lol, all of diet pills are harmful. there is nothing that is not harmful except green tea and l-carnitine. drink the coffee with detergent so you will die. motha fuckas

  135. Chantal

    Hi Bangs!

    I’m 19 years old and bought 1 box of fashion slimming coffee. Like all other girls, I’m desperate to lose weight. I was was looking for reviews for this coffee and only found positive ones. You are the only one I found who has a negative comment about the coffee. I saw the pictures and your experiment. I compared your box with mine. As I observed, your’s was fake and mine was the authentic one.

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for 4 days now. Even though its authentic, I still feel unusual: shaking, goosebumps, shortness of breath, dry throat, dizziness and feeling weak or faint. However, I was able to sleep well and still be able to go to the bathroom. I only eat less due to the effect. I know its been only 4 days in taking this coffee, but I never lost a single pound. Some say they lost pounds in just 2-3 days of taking it. I even exercise for better slimming results. How come I didn’t lose any pounds? Take note that the coffee I’m using is authentic and even has the authenticity seal.

    Anyways, as I write my comment here, I feel weak, dizzy and can’t breathe normally cause I drank the coffee this morning. I’ve never been like this before. Ever since I drank that coffee I feel different. This would be the last day I’ll be drinking this coffee and I’m going to lose weight in an old fashion way and healthier way.

    For those girls out there who are saying that they get good results and not feeling unusual on the coffee, you may feel that way now but wait till you get older and you will see the true effect. You may buy the coffee for less but you will pay on hospital bills more.

    Bangs is just trying to give us a heads-up and share what she knows about this product. She might be able to help and save millions of lives with just this blog of hers.

    All I can say right now is lesson learned and even though the slimming products you bought are authentic or fake and as long as they are not approved by the BFD or even the DOH, they are not safe. To all of you, stay safe and healthy and I thank Bangs for the heads-up. She can be the reason on why we are still healthy and living. ;)

  136. Chell

    I dont think this coffee contains phenolphthalein.. But still here’s my experience… I took this coffee before. Tatlong araw lang ayoko na, grabe yung effect nya sakin di ko kinaya, wala ngang palpitations, pero yung headache grabe… Sobrang sakit sa ulo… Di ako makafocus. I guess di hyang sakin, Dun sa mga nagagalit sa blog na ‘to, I think masyado kayong defensive, kasi alam nyo at the back of your mind na may potential hazard ang pag inom ng coffee na ‘to, and still tuloy parin kayo… The blogger is just sharing, para narin mabigyang babala ang lahat…. Though I have nothing against sellers or drinkers (uminom din ako nito)… Still its better to lose weight by diet and excercise..

  137. danice

    lahat tayo dream maging sexy,good looking body ofcourse eto yung asset na nakikita kagad kahit di masyado pretty face best kung pretty body naman..and for that problematik tayo mapaliit yung naglalakihang katawan natin e best solution naman dyan e self discipline control too much eating basta iatatak natin sating utak kahit gano kasarap ang anumang pagkain mapadami o mapakonte ang kain natin iisa lang lasa iisa lang kalalabasan non tama ba???so dscipline konte konte lang po ang paglapang and im pretty sure you gain almost perfect body

  138. eL

    hi! i am so glad i found this article of yours. I was just about to buy a box of Fashion Slimming Coffee because that’s what’s available in the mall nearby. but if i may ask, if these slimming coffees have phenolphthalein, why does BFAD and HALAL approve Max Slimming Coffee?

  139. kris

    thanks for the info …. good thing i made the effort to search for the slimming coffee they have been trying its cheaper than what i am using right but way of reducing weight but the risk we put ourselves at risks……

    i am using the herbal life for a month now so far okey naman po…. for the herbalife products you may contact me
    09228280625 baka may gusto mag tanong….


  140. joy

    Hi girls,..

    Thanks for the one who posted this, i also used slimming coffee for how many months, itinigil ko to dahil sa katagalan prang wla na effect.. And then ngkausap kami ng friend ko,. she’s married more than a year na, bute yet wla pa sila baby, when she went to the doctor sinabihan sya na affected na matres niya dahil sa mga ininom niya na slimming product,. She’s now undergo medication together with her hubby pra mgkababy.. OMG! sobra effect ng pag-inom ng slimming coffee na yan.. Stress kn emotional for not having a baby, stress ka pa sa budget for medication and at risk pa health mo.. God! thanks for those people who posted this..

  141. lani

    My officemate introduced this slimming coffee just this week and gave me 5 sachets for a start. We’re sharing a box for now but thought of buying a whole box each after. But, because of the stories about getting slimmer faster, I got curious and decided to do research on the net. At first, I got excited with the good reviews until I read this blog. Now, I have second thought of continuing to drink this coffee even how I long to return to my slimmer body before I got married. I’m confused a bit..I want faster result but if it will risk my life???? I don’t know. How I wish the effect isn’t that bad for my health. :(

    thanks bang! It’s good to be aware also..

  142. hi.. what can you say about the max slimming coffee? 3 days n aqng nag ttake n2.. so far wala nmn aqng nararamdamang kakaiba.. safe b 2? it say’s that its bfad approved..

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