It’s the 1st day of March and Andre’s summer break is fast approaching. Next week is their final examination and I will start creating worksheets and start our review this weekend. After their exam, they still have another week to practice their dance presentation for their school program and to complete other school requirements. We are so glad that Andre maintained his good grades throughout the year. The only subject that he had difficulty is the Filipino subject ;), which he was able to get an A in the 2nd and 3rd gradings. I just hope that he could continue to maintain his good grades until the fourth grading. He always makes us proud.
Since it is summer time again, I have seen several Kids and Teen Summer Programs like swimming, dancing, baking, and art classes. Andre has been attending swimming lessons for the past 3 years. This year, we are thinking of skipping his swimming lessons and enroll him to a Taekwondo class instead. We’re glad that there is a new building located near the gate of our village that offers Taekwondo classes. The good thing is it’s nearer than the school where Andre had his swimming lessons. It will save time and fuel as well. For the meantime, I will just bring him to the clubhouse to practice his swimming skills. 🙂


I am so delighted that finally I am back to baking. I felt and realized that anything about FOOD, including baking is really my cup of tea. 😉 I remember way back 2009 that I was inspired to create this blog to show the foodie in me. It started as a food blog, and then became an online journal about me, my family, Andre, our travels, our photos, and now Bea. During the 2nd half of 2012, I decided to re-live this blog, which was neglected for a few months due to many reasons. I had so many plans then, which includes creating printable worksheets for elementary students. But, until now, I haven’t posted any printable worksheets yet. Blame it to my very hectic work schedule. I also have an 8-month old baby who needs my attention and care more than anybody else. I hope I could still share the printable worksheets I made for Andre. I just wish that I could start working on it this summer.
Hope it would still be possible because I know I will be busy this summer break for Andre’s 7th and Bea’s 1st birthday. I will be baking their birthday cakes and I am starting to practice now. I will also make the layout for their invitation and I hope I could find good web to print software solutions for their invitations.

I am not the only one who has been busy for the past weeks. Hubby was also busy at work. He has to attend monthly meetings at their Makati office, visit their warehouse in Laguna, and visit their new office in Batangas as well. He travels all the way from North to South. But, he’s not complaining because they’re all part of his job. He is also busy supervising their plant in Bulacan, including the maintenance of their trucks and purchasing equipment like ph meters for their laboratory.
Hence, we always look forward to Sundays and we love Sundays because it is his day off. It is usually the time of the week when we spend our breakfast in the garden and I cook a special menu for lunch. Then we go to church in the afternoon and stay at my in-laws place afterwards. Sometimes we go to church early and go to the nearest mall afterwards. Oh, we love Sundays!

I’ve been busy again for the past weeks due to tons of work. I haven’t also talked to my parents and sisters for the past 2 weeks. I wasn’t able to talk to my eldest sister who recently moved into their new home. Blame it to our iPad’s wifi connection problem. But, thanks to Mr. Google, I was able to fix the wifi without having to bring the iPad to the Apple Service center.
Now that the iPad’s wifi is working, I had problems naman with my internet connection. Oh my! Internet connection is very significant to me, most especially to my work because as you all know I am working home-based. I tried using my SmartBro plug-in, but it didn’t work. To save time by not going to the internet shop to send my files, I just worked offline on the files at home then asked hubby to send the files the next day when he report to work. I am also thankful to my smartphone because I was able to use it to send files. It saved me during those times that I the DSL is not working.

As I write this blog post, we still have no DSL connection. Thanks God that the SmarBro plug-in is now working. I bought a new simcard yesterday to replace the old, which I think expired already. I hope I could catch up with my sisters and parents soon to update ourselves on the latest happenings in our lives. I want to hear about my eldest sister’s new beginnings at their new home and their plans to get a property at the Sunset Beach Real Estate.

The weather is very cold these past days and we love it! But, it has several advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is reduced low electricity bill. Our electricity bill is reduced because we do not have to use the air conditioning unit during this time of the year. We opened all the windows in our bedroom and used the electric fan. However, it also has disadvantages. On the very first week of 2013, Bea got sick. She got cough and colds and was under mediation for a week and was required to use the nebulizer for a more comfortable breathing. Andre and I also got sick a week after. Maybe the sudden change in weather is to blame.:(  I think I should disinfect the house to get rid of the virus before hubby and our new nanny catches the virus.

No posts last December? December was a very busy month for most people, including me. I had a very busy schedule with my work due to yearend deadlines. Because of very hectic schedule, we were only able to shop for Christmas gifts for our relatives and inaanaks in Cavite on the 23rd of December. While for our relatives and inaanaks in Bulacan, we were only able to shop for their gifts on 29, just before our yearly reunion. Since we spend our Christmas in Cavite in my parents’ house every year, we have to finish shopping before Christmas so that we could bring all the gifts to our house in Cavite. For my hubby’s relatives in Bulacan, we normally shop for their gifts after Christmas because shopping malls are again on SALE. We can still save 10% for all our purchases in the mall.
Whew! It has really been a very busy and stressful month that even continued until the first week of January 2013. I think I will need to find custom stress relievers or better yet pamper myself to a spa or salon. 🙂 Nevertheless, I am very thankful to God that I am busy with work because my home-based work is really such a blessing.

Happy New Year everyone!





Do you see the mangoes from our mango tree? I thought mangoes are abundant only during its season every summer. But, I was surprised to see our tree with lots of mangoes. Neighbors and passers-by have been asking us to have few mangoes and allowed them to pick some. I also love mangoes and love to harvest them. So, I asked hubby to make a long stick with a hook or look for a rolling ladder for us to be able to harvest all the mangoes before they’re all gone. Meanwhile, I will sauté the bagoong to pair these mangoes.



I am a fan of vegetables. Sadly, my son is not. I just don’t know why. I remember when he was still starting to eat solid food, he was not really enjoying eating mashed potatoes, kalabasa, and camote. I also tried to give him fruits, but there are only a few fruits that he liked – mango, banana and grapes. However, he loves to eat fish – fried fish. He loves crunchy tilapia and daing na bangus. He is such a “picky-eater”.

One day, I prepared a pesto meal for my afternoon snack and I let him try it. Surprisingly, he loved it. I was really surprised that he got to like the taste of pesto sauce, which has this “highly-flavored” taste. From then on, he enjoys eating pasta in pesto sauce. He preferred it more than the Filipino-style spaghetti. He can finish a bowl of pesto all by himself. I sometimes prepare it for his school snack. However, I haven’t tried making my own pesto sauce so I just use a store-bought pesto sauce.  It made my life easier whenever I crave for pasta in pesto sauce. I just need to cook the pasta, mix it with the sauce, and top it with grated parmesan cheese. Voila! An instant meal, but healthier compared with the instant pancit canton available in the market. 😉

Since we both love to eat this pasta dish, I have tried a different variant of the store-bought pesto sauce – pesto sauce with sundried tomato. And I will share with you this very simple recipe. BTW, here are the different pesto sauce I bought:

You will need:

250 g pasta (cooked and set-aside)

1 small onion, chopped

1 tbsp Olive Oil

4 tbsp of Filippo Berio Pesto with Sundried Tomato

1 can of Spanish-style Tuna Fillet (I used San Marino)

Parmesan cheese


What to do:

  1. Sauté the onion in oil until translucent.
  2. Add in the tuna fillet and the pesto sauce.
  3. Turn off the heat and mix the pasta.
  4. Serve at once and top with grated parmesan cheese.


A simple, easy and healthy dish. Enjoy!



Startrend Apparel’s Big Garment Sale is back! This is one of our much awaited holiday sales every year. And it is happening today, November 28, and will last until Sunday, December 2. They are open from 8AM to 6PM. You can find various branded items like Hollister, Aeropostle, Ralph Laueren, H&M, Tom Tailor, Old Navy, American Eagle, and a lot more. There are also various brands available for kids like Barbie, Cars, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Calvin Klein, etc. They also have bags like North Face, A&F, and Hollister. This is a very timely event for your holiday shopping. We were there during their October event and were able to purchase nice items.We’re lucky that it is just a 20-minute drive from our house. 🙂 We will visit them again this weekend to check new items on sale. How I wish they also have watches like Lacoste and TAG Heuer. 😉

They also have various payment options, i.e., GCash, ATM/Debit, and credit cards. BDO cardholders may avail 0% interest for 3 months with a minimum purchase of P3,000. And before I forget, they offer free snacks and coffee to their customers. 🙂

Happy shopping!


Here’s the map to the said event:


Blog update

Finally! My blog is now updated. 🙂 I have updated our family picture; I have also made changes to my blog’s title and created my own logo. I decided to rename my blog to describe me better as a mom that can do different things. Printable worksheets will be available this week for Grade 1 students like Andre. I would also love to share with you again the foodie in me. I would love to share my kitchen tested recipes.

Haaay, I have so many things in my mind and I hope I could share them all in this blog. 🙂

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