My mother-in-law’s birthday

Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s 51st birthday. My husband and I, together with Andre, went to their house to greet her . This is her first birthday without Tatay, who passed away last October 2006. We asked her how would she want to celebrate her birthday. She told us, “wag na, ngayon pa kung kelan wala na”. I can still feel her pain of losing her behalf. Of course it’s really painful to lose a family member, not expecting it to happen too soon. I know they miss Tatay so much, I miss him too. She told us that she will just cook spaghetti and chicken for dinner.

Nanay is a family cook. Being a plain housewife, she cooks for her sisters who happens to live nearby. She lives with Mara, Abeth’s sister, who is still single but in a relationship right now. She’s a great lola to Andre. She takes care of Andre very well. Since we don’t want Andre to be left alone with her yaya, we bring Andre to her Lola’s house to take care of him whenever I have to go to the office, which is every Tuesday and Friday. She also cooks for our dinner every time I am not around. She used to wash and iron our clothes when I was pregnant kasi wala pa kami helper before. What a great help to us.

She is a great wife to Tatay, which I think is happy from where he is right now; a wonderful mother to Mara and Abeth; a nice mother-in-law (take note: magk
asundo kami!); a great lola to Andre; a good sister to her siblings; a good daughter; and a person with a big heart.

To Nanay Beth, I want to thank you for raising up a good son, which happens to be my husband. For without you, I won’t be able to marry a wonderful husband and a loving father. Thank you for raising up a good man, which I owe that to you. May you have a longer and healthier life to see all your grandchildren grow. Happy birthday Nanay Beth! We love you! Mwah!

I baked the cake for her…I’ll post the recipe later….Ciao!


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