A visit to the dentist

It’s more than a year since I went to my dentist for dental cleaning. Since we have no permanent address ever since we got married, I don’t have a regular visit to my dentist. So, I set an appointment with my husband’s dentist to have my teeth cleaned. The dentist has to put some fillings on my teeth because my previous fillings started to create a hole.

However, the dentist admired me for having a complete set of teeth. According to the doctor, two out of 1,000 people have a complete set of teeth. Lucky me! Hehehe. I never experienced a tooth extraction in my entire life. Kaya I don’t know how it feels. Some says, it doesn’t hurt because of the anesthesia, but I know it will hurt afterwards. I’m pretty lucky for not having to experience it.

I used to wear braces before and after my former dentist removed it, I put on my retainer. The dentist told me to wear it for at least 6 months, but it was damaged and never had time to replace it, which led to big spaces on my teeth. That’s why my current dentist advised me to wear retainers again to fix the spaces. Haay, it’s hard to eat pa naman if you have retainers.


  1. Good for you! I just had my wisdom teeth taken out few weeks ago! And I need to take out two more! eeek!

  2. Bang

    Ouch! Goodluck on your teeth extraction.

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