Car insurance

Typhoon Ondoy has caused lots of damage to our countrymen. Many cars have been submerged to flood including the car of my officemate. It was very depressing for her part because she just purchased it a day before Typhoon Ondoy flooded most of Metro Manila. What is more depressing is the repair cost because the car wasn’t insured yet. Thus, she decided to avail a comprehensive insurance for her car that covers “Acts of nature”, a vehicle insurance from natural calamities such as typhoon, earthquake and flood. I wonder if there is a mechanical breakdown insurance being offered by insurance companies here in the Philippines. I learned that under mechanical breakdown insurance, the company will cover repairs to your car´s mechanical parts. It is a nice offer diba? This type of insurance is designed to help cover the repair costs you have as a result of mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown. However, they do not cover repairs on worn out components. The most common elements in this type of insurance include engine, manual transmission, carburetor, and starter motor. Sounds good diba? If ever we will be availing our own car’s insurance, we will consider this one.

  1. Lopez

    I think it’s not required to go to physical places to get your vehicles insured anymore. It can be done online, just visit:

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