A Community Outreach Program in an Orphanage

A blogger friend, together with her friends, is organizing an Outreach Program this December in the Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage in Guiguinto, Bulacan. It is currently the home of 59 neglected and abandoned children. Their group pledged to donate and volunteer to bring these kids a memorable Christmas Party. Husband and I, together with our son, are planning to join them. If you also want to be a part of this event, you can sponsor a kid for only P150. According to Chyng, it’s just like the cost of 1 sticker for you Starbucks planner. 😀

To sponsor a kid or kids, you can email Chyng at chyngreyes@gmail.com for the details. You can also donate books, clothes, towels, toys, and almost anything that you think they can use.

It really feels good to help people like them. I’ve been also helping less-fortunate kids since college. I started doing it during our Barangay’s fiesta, wherein I gather all kids in our place and organize a small program with lots of games for them. Since I was still a student that time, I need funds to make this activity possible. Thus, for me to be able to gather money for prizes, I set up a ceramic pot in every lamp post so that every kind-hearted person that will pass by the street can put their donations for the said activity. It was a big success! The kids were all happy. I continued doing up to this moment.

When I had my work na until I got married, I continued doing it and changed the schedule of the said activity to Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. It is my way of thanking God for all the blessings I had. A day before the event, I make an announcement that there would be an activity for kids thru posters being posted in Sari-Sari stores in our street. I organize a small party in our garage for the less-fortunate children in our area. I cook food for them like spaghetti and hotdogs. There are also lots of games and some children even perform dance numbers. It really feels good that we are able to make them happy.

When I got married and was relocated to Bulacan, I passed that tradition to my youngest sister, while I am doing my own deed of sharing my blessings. Since I am new to this place, I decided to do my own outreach/feeding program in our Barangay’s DayCare Center every December. I have been doing it for two years in the same DayCare Center. This year, I am thinking of new ideas for the said activity.

It is really fulfilling being able to share the wonderful blessings you receive. 🙂


  1. so sure na, sama ka sa 12th? =)

  2. hope that I was able to join -_-
    so is there any upcoming programs for the kids ? 🙂
    please inform me. It would a lot .Thanks

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